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This website is provided to help bring information together on Maritime Incident Response Groups and similar initiatives in line with the IMRF's aim of preventing loss of life in the world’s waters. 

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In the Baltic Sea MIRG Project the Finnish Border Guard have finalised a European Maritime Traffic Risk Assessment on ship fires, that was presented in the Baltic Sea MIRG seminar in January 2016.

According to this risk assessment, when the risk is loss of human life or serious injury, ship fires pose the greaters threat to European maritime safety compared to other maritime accidents. Fire poses the greatest threat aboard ships, which transport both passengers and cargo (ropax ships).

Download the European Maritime Traffic Risk Assessment on Ship Fires in the MIRG Library (new window),or view the Assessment online (new window).

Another report on ship fire case analysis will be finalised approximately in the end of March 2016.

Maritime Incident Response Group Video

Video has been prepared in connection with the Baltic Sea Maritime Response Group (Baltic Sea MIRG) Project, led by the Finnish Border Guard. Edited by Pest Produktio. Posted on YouTube by the Finnish Border Guard.

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